Life Coaching is Not New

Life Coaching is not new.  It’s been around for centuries!

That’s right.  Socrates started the ball rolling in BC-something by asking questions of his students.  He was, in fact, so effective they had to kill him . . .

Today, life coaching is easier and more profitable, to say the least.  So give it a try.  There are no certification requirements unless you are looking to be employed by a company or industry that requires it, and all you have to do is ask a lot of questions!

Life coaching is all about the client.  By asking questions, you sterr them in the direction they want to go.  Just like Socrates, but without the threat of hemlock…

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Is Life Coaching Only For Ex-Hippies?

Life coaching, contrary to popular belief, is not just for ex-hippies . . . or current hippies for that matter!  Although I’m sure there are plenty of hippies who go for it, coaching for personal and life goals is becoming more widespread across all generations.  Here is Tony Robbins giving a great overview on the advantages of hiring (or being) a good coach:


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How to Give Away Free Sessions That Sell

christian mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen is one of the best marketing coaches out there today. His Free Sessions That Sell training has attracted thousands of coaches looking for that competitive edge in their profession, and he has – for the most part – delivered.

The training is a bit pricey, however, costing about three thousand dollars US.  But for life coaches who want to learn how to leverage their time and expertise for the promise of greater incomes, his methods can be a godsend.

Here’s the thing:  there is NO ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to making money as a life coach.  Life Coach training won’t be much good, since the vast majority of coaching schools out there offer training on coaching techniques, communication skills , and some basic marketing skills that every coach is using, and therefore tend to get mediocre results.

The bottom line on coaching success is that you have to do 7 things:

  1. Narrow your focus or niche
  2. Find coaching prospects who resonate with this focus or niche
  3. Communicate this focus to your prospects
  4. Motivate them to see you the first time (the free session offer)
  5. Go over and create a workable program with them that outlines steps to their goal
  6. Offer to help them accomplish that goal, and
  7. Sign them up for your coaching program.

That’s really what any successful coach marketing program boils down to.  It sounds simple – and it is – but the devil lies in the details.  WHAT you say, WHEN you say it, HOW you come across, and WHY they decide to sign up with you are all the specific details that you need to know . . . and these details vary from individual to individual.  What works for Sam may not work for Margaret!

Yes, you can figure this out on your own, and I highly suggest you start this way.  Once you’ve discovered that clients are not lining up outside your door, however, you quickly come to realize you need help with your life coach marketing.  And, depending on how serious you are to be a successful coach, you will make your career decision accordingly.

That’s when truly serious coaches have to commit to getting coaching themselves.  If you are among the truly committed, Christian Mickelsen offers his expertise – but at a price.


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How to Market Your Life Coaching

Found this great video by Kevin Doherty that reveals some super ways to get more clients and market your coaching business.  Enjoy!

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How To Promote Yourself In The Media

get quoted by the mediaYou may have heard the expression “Even bad publicity is better than NO publicity!”  In many cases that is true, but in business it could be catastrophic!  Businesses do best when they make money steadily and reliably . . . and in these days of Instagram and Twitter, a few bad reviews can sink your brand!

You as a life coach will NOT do well to promote yourself as a coach doing anything other than coaching-related “stuff” . . . unless it also happens to be for charity, or some other community-relations building job.  You shouldn’t, for example, wrestle alligators as a stunt to attract couples needing a relationship coach.  No no no.

So what do you do?

The best way to promote yourself in the media is to do it using social media  giving out tips related to your work or field of coaching.  But even with this approach you need a way to position yourself and your brand in the eyes of your prospective clients as an expert or leader in your industry . . . in this case, life coaching.

Get Quoted

Getting quoted by all the major media is the most fool-proof way to position yourself as an expert.  Not only will you be considered an expert in the eyes of your customers and clients, other media folks will come calling because they are always looking for “experts” to quote on any given issue.  If that issue relates to your coaching field or subject matter, you’re in!

There are two ways to get quoted by the major media: 

  1. Promote yourself and your coaching directly, or
  2. Use a media placement service.

Promote Your Coaching Directly

A powerful way to get quoted in the media is through the use of your own Press Releases.  There are paid sites and free sites.  If you are serious about being found, use the paid sites like PRWeb or PRNewswire to get your message out there and be seen.  Make sure, however, that you provide real news, not just fluff or sales copy.

News of a new product, offering, promotion, or publication would be considered news.  Stating facts like “I am a life coach,” or “Check out my blog” is NOT considered real news, and won’t be accepted. Avoid self-promotion except in the paragraph at the end (and sometimes in the body of the article) where you are give a chance to provide a keyword and a link or two.

Use a Media Placement Service

Positioning yourself directly with press releases is fairly easy and inexpensive to do, but you are never guaranteed that the major media will pick up your release and use it.  If, however, you want to be guaranteed media placement, this can be accomplished with just a few hundred bucks and a willingness to be seen.

By hiring a media placement service to get your quote picked up by CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox, you will be taking the shortcut to getting permission to use their logos on all your promotional material:  ads, website, email and printed materials.

“As featured on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC” is a powerful tool you can use to build your brand by building your association with the “heavy hitters” of the media world.

Get It Done

No matter how you do it, its important to take consistent action to promote yourself and your business.  By doing this, your prospective clients will not only SEE you, they will eventually come to trust you and your brand . . . and want to do business with you!


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Making Money As A Life Coach With Booklets

tips bookletsAre you a life coach or business consultant looking to make money and market your services in unconventional ways?  Do you like to write, but feel a bit intimidated about the idea of writing and publishing a book?

How about starting with a tips booklet . . .?

Paulette Ensign has been making money with tips booklets for over 20 years, and shared with coach trainer Michael Craig in a recent webinar how to do this in a series of video presentations called “How To Become An Almost-Instant Author.” 

In the webinar, Paulette went over he best ways to create or start your tips booklets, then gives out her “secret sauce” for ways to actually sell or distribute those booklets and make a profit.

The idea is brilliant:  Take something that you know well and that appeals to a large number of people – relationship tips, for example – then write a small (5-6 page) booklet that addresses the biggest problems and offers your unique solutions.  Afterwards, approach groups or companies who may be interested in the idea, and sharing it with their members.

Voila!  You have an instant audience, and can become an “instant best seller!”  One of her students, motivation author Jason Oman, took his best-selling book Conversations With Millionaires, converted it into another book aimed at the sales force of a large company, and walked away with a large check of over six figures when they decided it would be a good idea to give all their salespeople a copy!

Of course, there’s more to it than that, so it would be a good idea to check out Paulette’s unique approach.  One small problem:  Her webinar interview is no longer available, but you can sign for the early bird list and get on her next class to be held sometime in early 2015.

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Social Media Promotions For Life Coaches

The Power of Social Media

social media promotionsDo you use Social Media for your coaching announcements, promotions or event launches?  If not, you may be missing out on one of the best marketing strategies for life coaches.

These days, social media can be done on the run.  With the advent of smart phones and tablets, the word “instant” has taken on a new meaning . . . text, pictures, images, and even videos can be shared with your social community in a matter of a few minutes or seconds.

As a life coach, you can benefit hugely from the use of social media in your marketing plan when done correctly.  the main thing to remember is that your social friends will shy away from sales pitches.  While your profile can list your website and other sales-y type stuff, be sure to only share interesting quotes, articles, images and videos with them when on social media.

According to “heart-centered business owner” Holly Worton, a contributor at, there are essentially 9 ways to use Social Media if you want to have an effective launch or promotion.  Here are her nine points, paraphrased for this article:

  1. Create a hashtag. Come up with something brief and unique, and make sure that no one else is using it. Run a Twitter search and check with as well. This will make it easier for people to see and spread your tweet or post.
  2. Run a teaser. As soon as you know exactly what you’ll be marketing, put the word online. Tweet and post on Facebook about how you feel about what’s coming up, and get some other folks to comment on it as well.  Post on other social networks and share “insider secrets” as things progress. Build some buzz.
  3. Create an email list. Create a special email list and an opt-in or squeeze page on your website for those who want to sign up to be the first to hear when your new product or event finally happens.  Share this link on all of your social media sites, and ask friends and associates to do the same. This is a great way to measure interest ahead of time and personally reach out to people once your event or product goes live.
  4. Plan your content. Coordinate all blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc. ahead of time to make sure you are putting out related content to cover your product launch or event, and that it is timed to end at the same time.   Brainstorm with others for ideas for topics, and make note of them so you can create a calendar to mark publish dates pertaining to your launch.
  5. Leverage your community. If you know how to do it, create an affiliate program or make arrangements with joint venture partners to help you with the product or event launch.  if you don’t have a clue, simply ask for help in spreading the word. Be sure to reach out to your community and other friends in business and ask for help. If you’ve been helpful to them in the past, they will more than likely be delighted to spread the word.  If not, start planting those seeds now.
  6. Run a contest.  Contests encourage your affiliates to promote your launch, and you can run one that offers a prize related to your product or event launch. People love free stuff, and contests can be a very effective way of spreading the word.
  7. Promote offline actions. Use each of your social media channels to echo and amplify your offline promotions, such as speaking at events, networking groups, media interviews, and other media coverage such as articles, TV, or radio spots on you or your product or event.
  8. Advertise. The right kind of advertising can be very effective for driving traffic to your sales page and getting you more sales. If you are doing webinars or other events to promote your launch, be sure to invest in Facebook advertising (ads created in the Ad Manager or Power Editor, not boosted posts) to encourage signups.
  9. Celebrate folks who sign up.  Welcome new people when they sign up, create urgency by announcing the number of available spots left in your program, and share positive messages others post about your launch.

Be Prepared

Once you’ve got your social media plan for your launch, you’ll need to create a number of shareable tweets (with your launch hashtag), email and blog copy for people to paste and use, and Facebook/Google+ posts. Put together any images to promote your launch, and package this all up so that you can share it with your affiliates or joint venture partners.

You’ll also need testimonials about you, your event or product, that talk about the results your clients or customers have gotten over the past year or so.  If this is a brand new product or service, you won’t have testimonials specific to this offering, but you may be able to us “beta testers” who will be glad to do a test run for free or greatly reduced price.

Once you’ve got your plan together and all of your tweets and posts ready, set an auto-response or automatic release date that corresponds to a set  time before your launch or event. You don’t want to be stressed about your social media marketing, so be sure to plan all this ahead of time.  If you have an assistant, such as a VA, have him or her schedule all of these posts for you, so that once things start to pop you  won’t have to think much about it.  You simply have to talk with people or respond to inquiries as they come in.

Prepare For the Next Event or Launch

Stay alert throughout your launch or event to make sure you catch all the details of what is happening, shortly after it happens.  Keep a notepad or smart phone handy to jot down notes to yourself about what’s working and what isn’t.  After the dust clears, sit down with your helpers, associates and staff and talk over what just transpired.  Celebrate your wins and be brutally honest about what did NOT work as well.  this way, you will be more prepared next time, and each time it gets easier and easier.

Keep Promoting

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your coaching practice, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to plan events and product launches on a regular basis.  Just make sure you give great value to your prospective clients, and above all, let as many people as you can know what’s happening before it happens!

The results will speak for themselves.

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Welcome to

While we used to follow the exploits of Roy Suryo, the cabinet member in Indonesia, we are currently under new management and decided to take the topic into an entirely different area:  Life Coaching and marketing your life coaching business.

I hope you enjoy the blog,  and Roy, if you are reading this, just know we still bloody-well love ya!

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